Three Things I Carry With Me Everyday

Yesterday, as my children climbed in their car seats and buckled up, my daughter saw me pull my little notebook from my back pocket and put it by a book in a plastic bin that sits in my passenger seat.

She said, “Daddy, what is that?”

“It’s a notebook that I can write down ideas so that I don’t forget them.”

She looked at me with confused eyes and asked why I always had a notebook.

That short conversation made me think about how everyone keeps certain things with them every day. Some people carry snacks. Others carry makeup. We all have those certain items that we feel we have to have to get through the day, so I decided to share the three things that no one will ever see me without.

The first thing is a black ink pen. I worked in sales for a few years, and one thing I learned is that a person never knows when he or she may need something to write with. In sales, it’s so important that I witnessed a friend get fired because our boss asked them to write something, and my friend asked if he could borrow a pen. Another time, while I worked on a used car lot, a new salesman asked a senior salesman to borrow a pen. The senior salesman said, “You can borrow it, but we will have to split the deal.”

Even though I don’t work in sales anymore, the idea of always having something to write with stayed with me through the years. It’s been especially nice to always have a pen during this pandemic so that I don’t have to touch things that many other people touch throughout the day.

The second thing I carry with me every day is called a field book. It’s a small notepad that fits in my back pocket, and it’s perfect the perfect thing to pull out if I think of something worth writing down. It looks like this:

I use it at least a few times a day because I love to write down things that I see while I’m out walking on a trail or running errands.

The thirds thing I carry every day is a book. While I don’t necessarily always have it on my person, I do always put it in the plastic bin in my passenger seat while i’m out so that it’s there anytime I have a few minutes to read a little. Most of my reading is done in short increments while I’m waiting somewhere or have a few minutes to spare. This week, I’ve been reading “A Good Blonde and Others” by Jack Kerouac:

As long as I have those three things, I’m good to go do just about anything, and I don’t think I’m going to stop carrying them anytime soon.

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